Friday, February 19, 2016

The Parallel Universe

Pulau Sebatik, Tawau, Sabah. July 23rd, 2015

Parallel Universe - There are 3 mathematical model for the term "Parallel Universe"
1. Bubble universes - there are lots of universes, with different physics, which we might never able to know.
2. Membranes - We are part of a bigger whole of super universe. Our 3D space exist on more dimensional super universe. There are more spaces in this universe. There are overlapping spaces for other universes. Idk I don't get much for this model.
3. Every possibility is real - each thing we do, has different possibilities. And all those possibilities occuring at the same time. Which result in large branch of our activities. Different activities, different us...

However, there are no evidences for these 3 theories.

What I understand about the parallel universe, in simpler way, there are possibilities that there are vast numbers of parallel universes around us. That could even occuring at the same time.

According to Schrodingers Cat,
if you put a cat in a bunker with a 50% probability of explosive gunpowder, there will have 2 possibilities:
- Gunpowder doesn't explode, cat is alive.
- Gunpowder exploded, cat is dead.
These 2 might occur in multiverses.

What about...

If you die, there are 2 things occur:
- Your soul in Earth (universe we are living in), has died.
- Your spirit in another life, is alive. (life=universe?)


Then there will be lots of multiverses exist if it's over possibilities?

To simplify this. Imagine you are tuning a radio. If you listen to a radio channel, you're in that only frequency, ignoring all the other frequencies. While the other channels are still there, occur, at the same time. Same goes to the universes. You're in the universe that observable by yourself, ignoring the others.

Let's say you're living in an area, where you memorized all the roads. And for some cases, you have to drive in a lane, where you face another 2 roads that lead you to different paths, where you have to choose an option. For some reasons, you would choose the path you need to go. Maybe the shortest way, or the right way. Because you know, the other path will lead you to the different direction. In this way, it's your imagination. Which is the other possibility. Possibilities are the parallel universe.

In some cases. There are people who can see the future.
And that way, he could see the other universe.
"This boy is a newborn baby. And the guy who can see the future killed him. Because he knew one day when that kid grew up, he will do something bad. Before anything happens, he killed this kid."
This guy could see a possibility that will occur. And it is the reality. Therefore, he is changing the reality that will happen. In parallel universe, he's still alive and one day he eventually done something bad. While in the universe they're living, he's dead, killed. There would be another possibility, like, that kid doesn't die, but disabled, and that's in another parallel universe.

There are cases like Deja Vu, something you're doing and you suddenly thought, "I've experienced this", I bet everyone ever felt this. It could be your brain neurons misfires, as what you see - present, assigned as past. But there's no clear evidence about this. It might be neuron misfiring, or just it was you in the parallel universe.

Have you ever felt like things around you, are unfamiliar. I frequently experience this when I was a kid. And I still don't understand. As I'm lying, or sitting, I see my families, the people I know, as strangers. Like is this my family, is this my home, am I even living. Why this person talks to me. And I end up acting like nothing happened. But I still love them even when I can't recognize them. Maybe I was once a crazy or mental disordered problem kid. Or a high imagination kid. Idk. But now, I'm normal already. And I still don't understand why was that happened. Anyway, I had such a weird childhood memories. Lots of weird memories. And that might be the reason why I am so reserved until now.

You're living in another universe of you, and the spiritual awareness, can be confusing. You might not know it's parallel universe - you're switched in living in your another possibility. Or it's just your spiritual awareness. Spiritual awareness is when you are not focusing thing, and as you are in conscious mode, you found things are different. For example you're driving somewhere for 10 minutes, as you're not focusing, you've already reached there. In this case, time doesn't exist.
Or when you misplaced something, while your brain has set it to put in it's fixed place, then you found out you put it on a different place. This spiritual awareness might be confused as parallel universe.

There are no exact evidence to prove 'The Parallel Universe'. The multiverse.
I don't know much in advanced. I might be wrong in some ways. It seems like a complex theory and Idk how the scientists could think about this. It seems irrational at first, but for some reasons, it starts become logic.

Physics is not philosophy. But it can be combinations with philosophy.

Sorry for any mistakes...

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Maira Gall