Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Geminids Meteor Shower

It's cloudy tonight. Watched the peak yesterday

My classmates decided to celebrate the december babies' (including me lol) advanced birthday party last night, which was coincidentally during the peak of Geminids meteor shower. Meteors are beautiful. That was my very first time to witness meteors in my naked eyes. I should have brought my camera over.

It was at around 12 to 1 am of December 14th, 2015. I was sitting over the parking lot at Tasik Ilmu UTM with my friends, waiting for our friend to fetch us back, and as I stared above the sky, and look upon random sights, I saw a small light falling quick. I told my friend I saw something just now. What is it. Idk. It was like a star, falling. I thought it was a flight or something but it falls very rapidly. It looks like meteor. But I guess meteor is just a myth, I mean you can't even see it with naked eyes.
Then all of sudden, another friend of mine tells us in excitement, that she just saw a meteor. Oh so what I saw the first one was a meteor.
Then all of us are excited. We wait, and there are meteors keep showing like around every 2 minutes interval. So we decided to stretch the mat we used for party, and all of us lay on it and wait for another meteors. As we lay, that one, we saw the largest meteor compared to others that we've seen - a large, quick, and stunning meteor. All of us scream in excitement.

It was really really beautiful.
Especially for me, with the celebration of my birthday, as the meteor showers on the sky.
Always remember that, those are God's creation.
Maira Gall