Relating Ultraviolet with Visible Light or Rainbow Colors

Few months ago soon after Ultraviolet EP of Owl City released, this unknown girl on Twitter tweeted to Owl City saying that the EP is completely wrong since the name of the EP is Ultraviolet while the album art is line spectra.
That was really made me feel ughh this girl she doesn't knows art with Science or what.
But then I observed her Twitter and found out she feels sorry for what she said and she got bitten by some ants that was the punishment.

Well I've discovered some of the relationships between these two things; UV and Visible Light
based on electromagnetic (EM) radiation
EM spectrum wavelengths from long to shorter wavelength which is also low to higher frequency




This post ends here. This was drafted and now I have no idea to continue this thing. I'm taking Civil not Physics anymore.

Here's just my conclusion,
I would say that there's actually a relationship between UV and Visible Lights.
I would show it this simple way:
Using UV ray (Sun ray), as it strikes on water on certain laws and conditions, it will resulting a rainbow. Or what you can call Visible Lights.
That's all.



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