I begin my college.

Assalamu'alaikum and hi! :)
I've been hiatus for weeks because now I'm studying in Matriculation College.
So today's update obviously about my college studies.
I'm so happy here and feel really really grateful. I really hope to continue my study in Engineering course and alhamdulillah, I got the course in Physic Science; which is Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science as base subjects. Then about my studies, not bad, yet so good. My class? Everyone is just awesome! On the 3rd days, I don't even feel like we just knew each other within 3 days. It was like... Been for months already. :3
Every little things on my college are also great to be with friends or even alone.

Just no picture even our class took pictures everyday... :O

My class is CP1T08.

CP is just cool. \(^^)/

*** Update ***

( Updated on September 7th 2013 )
The cupcake that our class's Mentor gave for each of us.
From Miss Suraya to CP1T08 students. :)


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