Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tawau I'm back!

Yeahhh finally I'm back to my blog. But having time in Tawau for this month is so short. Less than 1 week. :(
I'd planned to make songs covers with my cousin Xei but we don't have any guitar during in kampung. I really want to make those covers in kampung because the sceneries are beautiful. Those friends who has guitar are all not in kampung - in town.

Now along the journey - random.

Post them in the form of photos. Hahaha.
(Kota Kinabalu - Tawau).


I captured this when I was sitting and saw this awkward magical door.
I mean who would open the door and walk away? Or they would die slipped on the roof.
Can you see that door? It's on the roof.


Beautiful. Kota Kinabalu sight from top.

Even an apple juice are also interesting to blog.

This one is the most awesome thing I'd ever snap! The clouds.
I think the clouds are proven white in this photo. Not blue.


Reached Tawau already. So this is how the airport pavilion (is that true?).

Until I reached my home. My home. My home. This sight from my kitchen. During cold humidity.

Amazing amazing amazing! This time I was on my way to Kampung! Love love love!

The sea calmness under a building.

Another beautiful colours during rainy day.
(I didn't know that Windows 7 is British English that it has auto-correct for colors instead of colours).

This one I have no idea what type of plant did I captured. Because I was in rush going for the ship to town back.
But I captured this in a beautiful garden.

This time I back to town already. Having lunch in this clean restaurant. I love the contra.

Even a market is also interesting to take pictures of.

This is my first time seeing a GREEN salted fish.

TWU - Sandakan (Idk what the flight is called) - BKI

You wonder why do I capture this. I'm focusing the couple in couple tees. Can you see that. White shirts.

Three small plane.
Zoom in. I think it's a private plane anyway.

The Tawau Airport departing doors. Or hall?
Is this an art? You see the garden, you also see the squares reflections.

Capturing this so that if people saw me they would think I'm not capturing myself picture but taking the airplane interiors.

Again, the same thing.

I didn't know that I took so many for the same reason. Anyway, also for memories.
I mean not everyone and not any time I would take this kind of pictures.

This is funny. I look so... TIRED.
But this is my challenge - taking picture in the flight.
This is a ridiculous challenge but it's gonna be fun and memorable.
You think I'm gonna take pictures again in plane?
That's the point. I won my own challenge. Hahaha.
 Those 4 photos above were during my transit flight. Tawau to Sandakan to KK with the same plane.
So I think, this is the chance to win my own challenge. Hahaha.

Reached KK and that's the end of the pictures I took because I was tired. >< :DDD

I welcome myself to Labuan!

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