Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Collaboration with Sabah RTM COMBO!

I'd a long hiatus huh? Hahaha. That's just idle. I don't know what to post no more. ;)
Now let's begin my part time music course story. :3

In my entire life, I'd never thought that I would really came to a damn big studio - hall-sized studio. We enter the music studio then enter another studio in it. I mean inside the music studio, there has another 3 studios: Recording studio, music instruments studio and another one more studio. Than in that instruments studio there has another 3 studios IN IT named: Drum booth, vocal booth and Idk what is it called one more. Before this, I'd really really NEVER step my feet to any music studio in the world.

I was joining a music contest from RTM. Less than 1 month, the RTM publisher - Mrs Y (That's what's her nickname) text me that we're the finalist. The next day, she called me and tell for further activities.
That was so amazing. I finally got what I need what I'd strive.
Eventually on 12th April we had a collaboration with the RTM Combo with leader Raimon. It was really fun and exciting. Also nervousness playing my feeling.
The song I composed was arranged back by them. Since my song doesn't has any intro - shock intro direct sing then they helped us to create an intro. But no no no! I have my own intro already. I told them I've just made them. At first, he don't believe us - me and Xeira. But then he wants to listen to it.

Listen, listen, listen...

At first, our practice with combo should be before rest - 11 a.m.
But because of the new arrangement, the practice delay and continued to the evening. 2:30 p.m. like that.
At first practice (before 11 a.m.), it was suck suck really suck. Bad performance we had beyond all nominees. :(
Before they started the practice / performance, Raimon asked everyone in that hall-sized studio;

I just stand up slowly, raise up my hand while watching him...
Is it you?
....... Yes?
*All the people laugh at me*

Am I so retarded that all of you laugh?! :/

Now the performance / practice began, I heard and saw in that 1st performance, there was no saxophone and... Guitar? (Maybe, since the leader is guitarist but how come he can talk to me during practice. So that means he wasn't playing the guitar for us).

I'm sad. I don't know how to tell them I want the saxophone for my song too. Because the other nominees has that saxophone melody. But why not us? :(

That keeps playing on my mind. Why my song, no saxophone, no guitar? :(

After that Xeira starts singing. Really really obviously making me down. Everything sucks. Combo play other things she sang other things Raimon asked other things I also thinking other things . WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM MY SONG!!! It was my fault. I should tell them earlier that I changed them anyway - but how. Because what they got 1st was different and what Xeira sang - what I changed and modified was different. That's why it was a little shock and unstable performance. We've continued on 2:30 p.m. like that for practice in the studio and Xeira and the combo did greatly. With me as backup vocal. No way. XO

During that practice, I was retardedly recorded - as a backup vocal. Aaggrrrr. ><
With my face... ><
During that practice too, my voice was soooooooooo retarded. ><
Even the assistance of Mrs. Y said my voice is like... I don't know how to say. It's ugly. Uglier. Ugliest than you've ever thought. Childish voice you know! It's called retarded voice I think. But good thing is that won't let me sing for the whole life of mine anymore - for public.

Anyway congrats and thanks to combo for really accepting my intro and the song melodies especially the pianist Nadia. As I can see the violin ensemble and piano and what else. Even Raimon told me that they only change the drum forms alright that's funny my song's drum was exactly worst because I'd never played drums in my entire life. Also maybe they could read my mind, they really added the saxophone by Bryan and guitar by Raimon.

Ready for photo spamming. :DDD

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