Holiday comes up

I've been slept for a few weeks. Well, I didn't update my blog these weeks. Even I'm having my holiday.
Seriously, my mood is HOLIDAY. HOLIDAY rock. Just what's my work for this school holiday?
Exactly, what I've planned, compose a new song. But until now, HAHA, no song created. My mind stuck of thinking what kind of songs should I make? R&B or Pop or Dubstep?

Okayy now, since the MONSTER had released, everything about making new song PAUSED.
Yeah, I'm planning to learn the MONSTER Piano. I admit, I'm bad in piano - that's the point I've to learn the song. I bet that the song is using basic piano chord as Dm, G, C, F. That's all.

So uhh, now my plan is, getting that boy! - nahh this is crap.
New plan: Making a guitar cover for Monster. How's my idea? :D I may become the 1st guitar cover!

Erm. Okayy, actually there was a lots of stories that I was planning to post, yet, I forgot.
So, forget about that, skip them. Btw, what my teacher told me was true, every time you sleep in the morning, you gonna have those crappy dreams - that what was told.
That was proven in this holiday, after wakeup about 5-6a.m like that, usually I would continue my sleep and,
YEAH I'm having those crappy dreams. Have you ever been to Tawau? Well, I dreamed that Tawau is my school and my school is Tawau. I saw my Tawau family in my school because my school is not a school, it is Tawau. This is ridiculous, I bet you don't what I'm trying to say and this is PROVEN CRAP.
There's a lot more dreams I got and all of them were crap.

 < Never know how can I do this.

I'm crazily insane with those dreams. How could a something like Honda Civic is going to win a race when battle with Land Cruiser V(IDK V what) - addition: With noob driver like me. I don't drive. I'm a student.
Honda Civic with noob driver vs. Land Cruiser with PRO driver. Finally I won? That's crap. Forget about this.
Moral: Don't sleep in the morning. That drives you crazy.


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