INK ABSORBER FULL? Reset Manual: [TESTED] - Canon Pixma MP145

For Canon PIXMA MP145 printer. When it shows "INK ABSORBER FULL", just reset it with these easy steps:

1. Switch off the printer. Don't disconnect the power source. (something like phone huh? haha)
2. Hold the Stop/Reset button. At the same time, hold the ON/OFF button (LED will glow - on mode).
3. Stop holding the Stop/Reset button (you're still holding ON/OFF button), then press again the Stop/Reset button 2 times, then stop holding ON/OFF button.
4. Wait until the numbers screen (seven segments LED) shows the number "0".
5. Press the Stop/Reset button 4 times.
6. Press ON/OFF a time. (Paper roller rolls, ON/OFF button twinkles - button something seems like on off on off on off).
7. Wait until it stops twinkling and in stand by mode.
8. Shut down the printer by pressing the ON/OFF button and if the printer still can't shut, off it from the power supply.
9. On it back and ready to use.

It's show time. :D
I've done this!


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