Does time is using light-year?

Time really fast flies (does time flies?)! I think I was just starting my sweet holiday... Well, oh no! My projects failed... We can't really finish them because this week we really got a lots of things to do made the project all clashed! :'( Yeah, why does the advertisement of the contest could not be told to us early? Now, everything will going to be rush, or otherwise, OPERATION FAILED =/
Fine! Now, it's time to cover my face to teachers and classmates (because they had helped us in the project while my teacher, had watched some scenes of the projects ^^")
Forget about those things, now, I mean tomorrow, school terms starts again, after enjoying that Eid al-Mubarak, now need to focus on study back... I'm going to be busy again
These are 3different photos which I'd combined them; when I was going somewhere but suddenly can't go... =="


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No One likes this.
No One What a stupid pose, SOHAI =="


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