Friday, April 29, 2011

URL changed

When you reached this blog, did you realised the URL changed? :)
Yeah changed.... ^^" And the skin also modified....
But I guess it's only compatible for Google Chrome only.... Worst in Opera...?

Last Saturday, I went to Grand Dorsett...
Having a lot of picture spam ^^"
My facebook profile picture, (for your info, best lighting XD):
the lightning on the hotel was very nice XD

Erm, what else....
(featured) ==" [featured because edited]
crazy and worst
(I don't like this picture actually)
officially, sitting on an official sofa =="

Other spam:
Amat (Nas's)

Fathin and Gdah


Izam (Wan's)

Bybyh and Bobo

Gdah and I

==" similar to the above caption


Fathin and Dirah watching the
"Ghost Story"

Fathin and I

Fathin, Gdah, Me,and Dirah
Those left and right act religious =="

2 hearts by 4 friends

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Izam and I

Fathin, Gdah and I
Taken by Gdah and I, using Gdah's phone =)

Let's talk about the location condition....
I guess I'm gonna give that hotel with the above stars because we got free lunch XD
Sponsored by my school (maybe).....
The program was actually started on 8a.m... And should gather at 7:45a.m...
But you know what, I awake at 7:30a.m....
I woke late because last night I made "memories" video for 3Hibiscus2010 until 0200++ (2a.m++)
In the morning, I rushed doing things.... =="
So my mum scolded me and mentioned me about last night I slept damn late... @@"
However, I reached there at 9a.m.
And, nothing happened.... They just gathered in the lobby because the hall fully filled with oldies....
Then we just chill there.... Taking pictures XD Listening to Kenny G's.... (The songs played in the hotel)... Chats and many more while waiting lunch time XDDDD

Oh man! I got a hair! In a pie =/ Shut my lips.... Wkk XDDD
We record the moments... I was a reporter... :P
After lunch, we went to Financial Park (shopping mall) as the mall near the hotel :DDD
Then back home .... ^^
This week, we finished the "Ghost Story"... What's that?
Maira Gall