Depressed, but with widgets and cook, I feel a bit better other than just pray :)

Depressed by school works, feelings, videos-to-finish, social networks and many more!
I don't even have much time to finish it though my energy does :D
Anyways, what's more important of all is..... religion of course, and also, school works because our future depends on our strives (especially on what I mention above)....

By the way, living in this 2011 onwards, everyone teens has social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Blog.... Right? Like me, I've to update them as soon as I can.... It's kind of part of life? Is it?

Making videos for my class, yeah, fantastic! *sometimes tired* [you know what, after I back from school, just reach home and I've to burst the laptop, searching ideas in my mind, so the video can finish....

But sometimes, I'd to leave the laptop for until 1week.... For making my job as a student..... HOMEWORKS!

Move to other topics, I guess since 2-3weeks ago I didn't update this blog.....
I really forgot what I should post! =X
Just now, in the morning,
I cooked a dough using dough toaster... :D

the dough

the toaster
I'm cooking bahulu (spell-check please)
Well I'm a pro cook :D *joke* [IScaredYouGonnaAskMeForMeal]
Cooking this is very easy... You just need 8eggs, a small bowl full of sugar and a bowl of wheat.... (Size of bowl of wheat is like a bowl of instant noodle[maggi])
First, mix (spin or what Idk how to say) those 8eggs until it looks completely white.... Then put the sugar and wheat onto the 8eggs you spin....
NOTE: Do not use baking powder in this recipe or the result will become worst.
Then you just need to put the dough onto the toaster.... Let it until it will automatically closed.... Ready to serve ^^

**Caution** :: Pictures spamming,

faint face @@"
After wake up, bath while waiting my mom....
Around 6am.... (That's why my face seems faint, and face like just wake up) ^^"
Sorry for picture spamming....


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