Hey? How's life?

by Maru
I've been so long didn't update my blog. Thanks Leha for reminding me. :D
I got a lot of jobs to do. I made my friend's template and edited my new blogskin. (For me, it's a lot).
Moreover, there's nothing happen before or even on my writing now. If there are, so I'll write it here...
But I guess, I better tell you one thing. That I have a
Click to view the blog! Well... I'm wondering now, should I set the blog PRIVATE or not?
Help me by the poll in the new blog...
I made the new blog not because of I won't update and use this blog anymore, but, I'll share my sentiments there. Thats why I wish to set it private. But if you mind, you can always read my new blog to share some sentiments with me too. I may have the same feeling with you. And we may have a good same happiness, impressment and sad stories.
So, if you don't understand what am I talking above, I'll summarized it :

I am still updating this blog about my life goes, anything doesn't related with actual feelings.
So my new blog will be going just like my diary!
Help me in my new blog poll!
Thanks <3
 The Private Property


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