Dear Sin Ying,

                      I'd taste Fererro Garden once again and it tastes really good... I love it... Haha... Sry abt last time I told tat its tastes weird.... Maybe that time was because I don't reli hav good mood to eat them... Then it became that worst...

                      Here, I'd classed the arrangement from 1(great test) to 5(Not reli delicious) :
  1. Noce
  2. Mandolia
  3. Noccholia
  4. Pistacchio
  5. Cocoa
                      This arrangement of class was made by me... I don't think it'll same as yours...haha... Coz u knw, ppls taste differently....

                      Well, here, in Labuan, u can get a very affordable prices of chocolates... Not jz chocolates, evn the cigarettes and beers too!! Hahaz... Moreover, if you buy more than RM100++, u'll get a free paper bag of Labuan / the shop's and get a box of Hershey's Kisses... But I dun reli sure of that... Bcoz, las time, my sis bought many type of Hershey's, and get a box of free Hershey's Kisses... Bt the 2nd time she bought, she got nth... She doesn't reli sure that either because of she bought too many Hershey's or what...

                       Bt dun wrry, every type of chocolate u r buying, u'll get an extra packet or prozes or watever in every chocolates u buy. (unless it's jz a small chocs...haha)


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