LG KF350 & NOKIA 7390

NOKIA 7390

LG KF350

Suddenly want LG KF350~
But I still rmb the phone I love from it releases, until now...
It is Nokia 7390~
But I don't know the model phone..
Since I visit Ms. Aya's blog, I saw the phone back and.... ADDICTED!
Because when I was finding specifications of LG Ice Cream, I saw the phone...
Ms.Aya's mummy bought her LG, and she still left her Nokia 7930..
I saw the picture...
Then I suddenly realized...
That it was the phone I addicted!
Compare the LG and Nokia,
LG is more affordable... About RM 505 - 520 lidat~ But it's just released...on August, 2008...
But the Nokia 7390, more expensive.... But it was released older... on 2006~ (The price might be lower on 2010)
But compare the specifications, Nokia 7390 is better...
It has 3G...Nt like the LG....It's none~
Know what, that Nokai 7390, I remembered back (that it was my fav) when I saw Why Why Love, as Jia Di used it.... So nice phone is that =)
Which phone I do like???
iPhone4 / LG Ice Cream / Nokia 7390

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