Oh My God

Last week, my Geo teacher, Sir Cheah told us our Geo result (He the one who mark the paper)....
But he didn't find mine~ Then he asked me "Did you passed up the paper?"
First I thought I already passed it up... So I answered YES as what I thought~
You see.... Those my friends already got their Geo result... The one who still doesn't get is ME!!!
Then I went panic~ I asked those my friends.... "Did you saw me passed it up? Did I? Did I huh?!"
Then my friends told me... "Dun wrry bah~ I saw you already passed it up lar..."
But my feeling seems different... (panic)...~Like still doesn't passed it up~
OMG~ Throw that feeling away!
1 week later
What I would like to say is~
Today is a SILLY day!
Did you know why?! I found my Geo paper in my bag!!!!
I still DIDN'T pass up!!! OMG!
That time I was searching for my Science question paper...
Suddenly I found it~ If I still doesn't found it~
I don't know what will happen next~ =S
I very scared you know!
I never did that yet but how could I did it now!
I'm like worst! I think my face will seems pale lidat~ =="
Panic panic panic! Ask one of a fgriend beside me, then that responsible boy, Adli took my Geo paper to ask permission to go send it!
Fuhh~ 好放心哦~ Thank you! Thank you very very very much!
-------------------------A few moments later-------------------
This time should be Sir Cheah's class...
But he didn't came... It was relieve by Mrs Veronica Peter... Well, she's not our class teacher...
She also won't be so familiar with us...
Then my phone that I left the power ON in my desk exactly VIBRATES!
So strong until they heard of it...
I then pretend like nothing happens...
But my friends... -Beside me, - In front me REALIZED of it! OMG!
Then felt so WORST!
By the way, all the things happened~
I let it free... Because it won't neither ruin my life nor joy up my life!
My mind set FREE~
Cause the teacher didn't realize both the Geo paper and the phone...
Fuhh =3
^^ Very happy then.....
Both happened at the same place,same lesson...


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