I really didn't copy answers!

As what my Geo tch told me - to remind him takes my Geo mark.... ( As reason of as that recent post- lazy to memorize)...
Before, my Geo mark got "C"!
And now, it's higher! As high as "A"
Omg~ Then my tch asks me.... Did you really really didn't copy? (Cause I brought that paper to home, actually it was just in bag! I even didn't realize of it!) o.O
Haiz~ I really really really didn't copy lor!!!
So sad.... Haha... Where got sad lar... Swt!
Actually I felt very happy~
Cause I got A~
By the way.... I really didn't copy lah!
Although peoples says I'm copycat, I'll just terimalah~
Cause I can't stop him/her saying that... It's him/her mouth.... ==" Not mine de~


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