Sports day

After having on the Sports Day, I have a new skin tone... Now, see, I have 2 skin tone!!! It's really frustrating if you come... Haha... That's in my opinion well... Don't think it's really true... Maybe~ Yeah well... I'm a Quartermaster!!! Urh~ If I'm not the quartermaster, then I won't come le.... 3 days mah!!! Aiyo!~
1st day: Wa... This is great?! 2 skin tone?! Urh... Tomorrow should come also... =.= I don't want to come...
2nd day: Well I came... It's today~ I have greatly different skin tone!!!! I thought it won't be that DIFFERENCE!!! But I should!!! I really reluctant to come!!! Don't want don't want don't want!!!生日快樂Burnt(Well this is out of topic)...
3rd day: Coming soon~

myiconWtf?! Why comes in this post?!


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