Random Thoughts

Few days after supermoon

People tend to fall in love, rather than being loyal. Relationship has been too mainstream, and has becoming trends. Love has been simply a word, instead of efforts. As I'm growing up, the more people I have met. In this range of age, we tend to look for our best partner, especially when your closest friends have "found" them. It's influencing. But, there are also people who has been in relationship, and some merely infatuations, some gets heartbreaks, some in doubts, some are stables.

This kinds of relationships seems to be a gamble. Betting your heart, your soul, and your future into one person that you trust, that could have an indecisive feelings. Since both of you have no eligible connection. If you're choosing the wrong person, then it could be a tragic history. If it were otherwise, you're happy. Sometimes I think this kinds of relationship is just trial and error. I still found it hard to be convinced to settling for uncertainty. Unless it's marriage, that is commitment, not a relationship solely. Where both devotes into each other's lives, and further.

From my random observations, people around me tend to be in a relationship, which seems like a stable relationship, and then brags about it. The happiness, how they love you, etc.. In some people perceptions, you're showing off. Well, it's always better to just keep it lowkey. Everyone has feelings. Not everyone wants to know about you. Let the others wonder.
In 20 years, all that matters will probably be your health, your family, and financial.

Unconsciously, sometimes our attitude is the reason why people hates us.
How many people has ever likes you sincerely?


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