Thursday, December 29, 2016

Another laps around the Sun

How far have I go.
Time doesn't actually exist.
Clocks do exist, but time is just an agreed upon construct we have taken distance, one rotation of the earth, and one orbit of the Sun, divided it up into segments, then give those segments labels.
Technically, a year of our age is just our one lap around the Sun. Yet time has been one of the most powerful thing in our lives.

The naive view of reality is not compatible with modern physics. Say you were to have two spheres moving away from each other in a vacuum. You have no reference points, so either both of the balls could be moving in opposite directions, or one is still while the other is moving away, but you have no way of knowing. So if we are to model our universe, we could either say that the sun is spinning and moving through the celestial bodies we see, or all the other celestial bodies are spinning and moving while the sun is stationary, it all varies with perspective. Really the two situations are identical physically so both statements are true. To deal with such paradoxes, we shall adopt an approach called modern - dependent realism. It is based on the idea that our brains could interpret, by making a model of the world.

Now stop talking about Science...

I'm getting older. It seems that life has its own ways to change us every year. We are supposed to live better by each year, your life by the present is comparatively better than the past since you have experienced lots of things, lessons, and achievements. Sometimes our mind goes back in time to see the hardships and beautiful memories we had. But then we have to face the present reality back. I have learned lots of things for the previous 14 years and I can say most of things I have now are the things that I have never expected. Maybe we are trapped by our own destiny, but they are usually the best things for us. Few years ago I have never expected to know all the person I know now, getting loose with all the person I used to be so close, learn all the random things I have now, be the person I am now. Everything flows by time, what destined to remain, will remain, and eventually some things change. We have to deal with all these things to grow, make us tougher and succeed. We never know what happens next, life is a surprise.
And life is a brief candle.

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