Time Will Teach You

"Is family really all that important?


Time will teach you.

I met a boy. He became my friend. Then my lover. Then my best friend and my lover. I thought we would marry one day.

Now we don't speak anymore.

I know a girl. We played in school. We were inseparable. As sisters. Time passed. We changed.

Now we don't speak anymore.

I met a woman. We traveled together. 6 weeks. 18-24 hours a day, 7 days a week we spent together. She knows my darkest secrets. Our travels finished.

Now we don't speak anymore.

I had a friend. We lived together for 2 years. We used to laugh a lot. We left university. We had the best of intentions to keep close. Life got in the way.

Now we barely speak anymore.

I met a boy. We don't speak so often. Not every day, sometimes not even every week. Time will pass and we will drift, apart then together, apart than together; caught in an eternal drift.

He knew the boy that was my lover

He knew the girl who was my play mate

He knew the woman I traveled with

He knew the friend I lived with

He's seen them come

He's seen them go

He'll see them come

He'll see them go

That boy is my brother

Time and life has shown me - he'll be by my side forever.

 Because he's my brother."

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."


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