Wednesday, November 25, 2015

EQ vs IQ

What does this photo has to do with this post

People that has high anxiety and forgetful tend to have higher IQ.
People that can control the stress tend to have very good EQ.

Typical high-IQ people are constantly thinking about something, worried about a problem, thinking about solutions... So they end up having little time and energy left, and little motivation, for ordinary chit-chat. Because they are constantly "navigating in their thoughts", they tend to be more forgetful of trivial things.

I took the EQ test and it says that I have a very good EQ.
I took the IQ test when I'm feeling drowsy and I got this.

IQ Test
IQ Test

It doesn't necessarily means true since in my condition of answering that I feel so sleepy and it's just based on random 20 questions and based on my suck English skill.

Well what I can see here that I got good level in both IQ and EQ and that's irrational.
It's just random quizzes over the internet But Idk.

I believe I got good level of EQ because of my emotionless life in many cases. So the quiz tells it as "calm" when it's just no emotion. Where it means it's completely opposite I just probably lack of EQ since I remain calm in most situations and no feeling in most things and I don't know how to react on people sharing problems or I just don't want to show how I care Idk but I'm sick of socializing some new people are crazy that they give irrational ideas or solutions when you can simplify them it's just they are arguing and it shows their weakness I'm sorry but luckily I have no feelings for arguing so I'm so sleepy

I supposed to write something beneficial in this post but I just feel sleepy rn bye

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