Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Civil Engineering vs. Mechanical Engineering


I'm a civil engineering student (CE) and I found mechanical engineering (ME) is way to go. I admit, before this, I have high enthusiast towards CE without even having a clear vision of what CE is really all about. I have no interest on ME since I have no idea about machines and I didn't even thought about trying to learn them.

On CE that I am learning now, I have learned about mostly environments, which honestly none of my interest and kind of boring for me.
Like soil, surveying, hydraulics, etc..
Honestly, the first day I came to the topography class, my mind was seriously like "Am I learning this? Why did I chose this? Why am I here?" and so on. It's just... It's like you love math and you have to study for history, where you can only choose to learn either one. From that on, I realize that CE is really really doesn't fits my interest.

While ME, I've learned programming, and I still remember after I finished my matriculation college, before entering the university, I've Googled about robots, how to make them. Well that sounds like electrical field. But yeah I am interested in electronic fields too. But then I realized since I was kid, I love to create and invent tools and simple machines even when not all of them are successful since the lack of equipment and I didn't learned how to handle machines like saw etc..

Day by day I started thinking about ME. My dad and my brother wanted me to become ME at first. But I refuse, because I thought I didn't know anything about it and my interest on CE on that time was making it bias that I won't ever look to any other options.

Good luck everyone and myself.
Maira Gall