19th birthday - Memorable Birthday - Overwhelmed

I'm finally reach 19 years old (almost 2015, people in my batch almost getting 20 y/o I'm just getting 19)
The last teen year I will ever had
I never expected or wished to have this kind of surprising birthday since my previous birthdays was completely dull and I know this year will be as normal as I've ever had

This year, 28th December 2014

I can see so many things happened.
Before the clock strikes 12 am, I admit, I was nervous. Probably because I'm going through 2 big events of my life in one day;
- My birthday
- Semester 1 final exam

Sharp 12 am. Spamming starts. Haha jk. My classmates , ex-classmates, friends and family wished me.
Most of them pm me. I never thought like that.
Even the day before my birthday, my friends reminding each other.
The first person who wished me was my beloved girlfriend, my cousin, Syariffah Syahirah <3
She wished me funnily lol because we really love to praise and then insult each other. Hahaha

And on the day before my actual birthdate, some of my friends wished me. Hahaha I feel one day older.

So today, I sat my big exam on my birthday.
In Dewan Sultan Iskandar, UTM.

28 DECEMBER 2014
*Just remembered just now, during my exam, it was my first time (probably) writing my bithdate on an (exam) paper with the current year. I almost wrote my actual birthdate. ^^"

Memorable birthday.

I'm so glad and thankful. Idk why I feel really grateful for having birthday on this day, on final. Haha
One of my friend told me I'm lucky kih3
No matter how good or bad my perform on paper, I just leave it to Allah swt
I'm sure no matter what, with pray and sure Allah will always give the best way for you no matter what.
I want to thank everyone that wished me birthday. Even though you / they might not reading this (I'm 100% sure), but I feel thankful for all of you because you really made my day. Really really made my day.
God sends you all to me, to wish me, and make me happy the whole day.
I just hope today is not just 24 hours, just today. I need more hours. Because I don't usually feel this right.
I need this kind of moments. Or maybe I just had too much loneliness and ego?

Me 18 y/o
(27 December 2014)

Me 19 y/o
(28 December 2014)
Early in the morning. Before going to the exam hall. HAHA.

Bangun tidur lepas exam merah mata

Lol those photos don't make sense of years of old.

Anyway, here it goes, after the my friends wished me happy birthday, suddenly my roommate hums a birthday song. Like, I'm pretty sure that she forgot my birthdate, but how did she had the feeling to sing it. Then I just like errr. The next day, after sat paper and so on, do things and online, pm with friends bla3 while my roomate and I was talking laughing bla3. Then she pm a birthday wish. Hahaha. Then I was like, when did you knew my birthday? This morning or last night. She told me this morning. So I told her ehh did you even realize you sang a birthday song last night I was kind of are you singing it for me. Hahaha. Then she was like ehh really?
Lol that was really coincidence or maybe telepathy. HAHA.
Found out my brother is giving me Dota 2 items as birthday gift. :D
Then my father wished me a happy birthday too. Hehehe.

Just thinking about this, maybe I feel happy and special, because people is wishing me a 'Happy Birthday' and 'Good Luck' at the same time.

Remembering my previous 19 years. So far the older I am I can reflect myself better and keep discovering new things.
This year I got so many things that would probably not enough to put everything here.

Nvm. I just want to say thanks to everyone. May Allah bless you and your family. Only God can give you the happiness you all gave me. I really really not capable to say thank you that worth your kindness.
Hope you all success in your life now to the future.

I'm overwhelmed.

Alhamdulillah for everything. May Allah swt ease everything.

Don't forget, condolence to QZ8501, the lost Airasia plane on this date.
On my birthdate. :/
Will be one of the memorable date for this continent.


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