Because McDelivery is 24/7

This is scheduled post. So this is past.
I was too hungry that night until it tears me.
And the fact that I'm ready for Dota 2 until Fajr is making me hungrier.

In the previous evening, I've called KFC delivery to make order.
The operator asked for my address road. I was like, Idk...

Operator: You should know what's your road how are we suppose to deliver your order bla3. *angry tone*
Me: (what seriously she's working as operator in KFC like they're having this kind of worker?)
Me: errr Idk... but it's UTM Johor
Operator: If you don't know the road then you find it first. We can't deliver without the name of your road bla3 *angry tone*
Me: (are you in period)
Me: Err okay? Thank you.
Operator: *hang up*

Or maybe it's just my voice sounds like I'm making a fake call?

Forget about it. But I was hungry and craved to eat fast foods.
I end up eating in an arcade near my college with my friends. Alhamdulillah full.

At the night, it's already 10++pm and I was so hungry. I've googled maps my road and yes I already knew.
So I called the KFC delivery again. Another operator answered my call.
She sounds okay2 laa not bad. It's between angry and no since I was being polite to her.
But one thing for sure, she didn't ask for my road. When I said "UTM Johor" she directly knows the place.
I was kinda *huh* because of the previous operator mad at me like hell just because of Idk the road
and this time another operator isn't asking for road. Ok.

But then sadly. The delivery for my place has closed.

I was sooo hungry that I texted my brother sister and cousin.
They asked me to call another deliery. Domino's or McD.
My sister tried to order Domino's for me. But it has closed at 11pm.
My cousin told me they have ordered online McDelivery once.
So I tried it. Because it's the only 24 HOURS DELIVERY that I know, easier and no need to tolerate with human being lol. I just play2 order la.

It's 1am still no delivery...
I started to think about eating junk food like maggi although I've bored eating them.
So I just think and think and think end up playing dota. #Haha
Okay. Playing Dota makes me forget the hunger I was suffering.
But yes actually... I was still feeling hungry of course. Game become worst.
Don't worry I was just playing against both. ^^/" <--- Idk if you can see this as an emoticon
In game... and

It's almost 2am



Gets a call from delivery.
I thought my order was missed or something. But it's just delivered late.

The funniest part was the way I took my meal from the deliverer. He just took out my meal and I automatically like *heavy breathing with stoking sound* and my eyes were like looking at freaking delicious buffets line. After finished payment taking meal and so on, I walked into my block with extreme excitement Idk why maybe I was too hungry and too happy to get what I had been craving for weeks. I walked into my block and unconsciously screamed and laughed with excitement. I guess the deliverer saw me like that because when I just feel a bit conscious, I looked at my surroundings and saw he was still there. That was really funny. 2am, hungry, alone, after-cry face, reddish eyes, gets food. You know the feeling of grateful. This time I was beyond grateful. Hehehe. Alhamdulillah.

Guess what. I got a free glass too. :)

Morning with Dota 2

Slept at 10am.#


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