Tuesday, May 27, 2014

UM Interview

Assalamu'alaikum wbt.
Alhamdulillah done with UM interview. That was my very first time of interview. So this is my little advice for some of you that's going for an interview, I may give somewhat a good advice for you since we might have the same situation - first interview. But the difference between us is just, I've done it. :)
I'm going to share you the questions that was given to me with my suggested answers. I'm going to show you the patterns of the questions.
I got the course Artificial Intelligence ( Computer Science ) which is a really really good course and I love it!

1. About 2 minutes, tell me about yourself and why you choose UM?

  • I'm Aqilah ( Provide full name ), I'm from... My short family background... I was schooled in... I'm a matriculation leaver... I took what course... I got... ( Results), your interest ( which is the best talent of you )... bla bla bla.
  • I chose UM because this university has the best school of Computer Science that it is listed in the QS World University Ranking as it is in the top 100 which is also the top 1st university in Malaysia.
  • I also wanted to study under the best mind in this country so that I can further develop my skills and later increase the rank of this university higher.
2. What makes you choose Artificial Intelligence ( AI )?
  • I'm interested with the current and further development of AI. I have particular career paths with this course and I want to grab the job opportunities to develop this world.
3. So as I can see here, your first choice is Civil Engineering, 2nd choice is Civil, 3rd Choice is AI and your 4th Choice is also Civil. Only one AI and three Civils. What makes you choose the only AI in UM? Civil and AI, it's two completely different fields.
  • Actually... I'm interested in both fields. But I think AI is the most suitable and the best in this university since UM has the best school of Computer Science as it's in the world ranking and the top in this country.
4. What can you do with AI. Maybe for future?
  • So... AI... Is... Yeah, as we can see nowadays, people are more attached to technologies... But we're actually still millennium years behind from the creation of human. It's kind of impossible to create a human-like robots now because human body is very complex, as we know, human has emotions, feelings, menstruation and give births ( inherits ). So temporarily now, AI majors haven't managed to create perfectly human robots. Because as you can see, the 'strong AI' nowadays is just creating intelligence and more into 'pattern matching' because it can only simulate human behavior. It can't even think. But with improving the AI skills, we can minimize that time distance of 'millennium years behind' with the modern technologies that we create human creation. So we'll have a really good and exciting future.

So that's all. Prepare your courses by doing some researches, reading some articles about your course that will boost your interest and excitement for giving some ideas and suggestions.
Don't panic. I'm really sure, for the first interview, you'll be extremely panic than you sat for MUET!
But control  yourself, you're panic just because you're psyched! Keep calm and watch the smiling interviewer. Don't forget to smile too. Did you learnt Biology? Take some deep breath ( inhale and exhale ) so it can reduce your nervous feelings.
Maira Gall