Seems bad -___-

These 2 pictures, 'opposite' from the title, this one picture is me and my classmate picture during Citrabudaya festival in our college. <3
Amibia (my classmate) and I.

I have no idea.
Well, now it's right for the title. SEEMS BAD. Why do I need to take the pictures of my study table. This was taken in my dorm. In Labuan Matriculation College. I'm posting this not because it looks beautiful, tidy, exclusive or clean table (Is that make sense? PHYSICALLY REALLY OPPOSITE WITH REALITY).
I'm just showing you my roommate MASTERPIECE.

Can you see that blue sticky note?

This looks ridiculous.
Zoom in.

Front View

That white paper written in UPPERCASE was mine.
To support my roommate.

Who is that? What?
After then, I'M TRAUMATIZED... Not just because of this actually. >:(
During writing this post, my face looks *Eeww annoying pictures ever.*


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