Who says that drama will never happen? Hahaha. You know what, it's just sometimes I got that love dramatically ridiculous story ever.


I still remember that moment when my cousin and I was wandering in City Mall KK. Then she said, "you, watch him." When I watch him, eye to eye... I was like, "preferably this is my type." It's just after the drama occurs - While my pashmina waved by the wind from the result of my movement, I lift my head, my eyes... At the same time. He is doin the same thing too. Hahahaha the retarded drama.

Last night. When I was buying things for my college. I mean only those pens and papers stuffs. So I go to a lane between racks of things of... tapes, punches and staples (How wonderful it is if it was a garden). When I step to the lane, a boy steps the lane from the other side. We're only about 1m away from each other to be precise. Now let me tell it like it happened to a newly meet people that starts to love. Because I feel so retarded when telling that the girl was me.
When 'they' enter the lane. Both feel curious, then slowly staring at each other - takes time... and kinda like want to smile - like a girl and a boy that was accidentally hit each other and the girl's books fall on the floor, then the boy helps the girl... After that both of them were staring on each other. That is how it really looks like. But luckily I stopped the 'stare'ation. I watch the other side and go somewhere else. That was strongly embarrassing. It's just a small thing but the staring occurs more than 3 sec. 1 sec is like 1 year. That only thing makes it good was he was my type - what?
I'm just saying that he was just my type. MY TYPE. Not the one I love. I mean the 1st character, the height, the size, the 1st sight, use framed spectacles that wasn't so handsome but moderate and for me he's attractive in his ways - looks like the silent smart type person - you 4.0 guy? Hahahaha. Finally he's Chinese.


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