Thank you and good bye 2013.

These are some photos I took in 2013. I don't know when. But for sure, not in December 2013.

I just want to say, during this 2013, I've been through so many things. From school to college. From 17 to 18. From being lazy, 24 hours home, musician, guitarist, college study, some engineering, producing musics and videos, director, also social life.

You know what, today, last night, before I wake up on this 31st December 2013, I got lots of dreams. Mostly about... I have no idea.

I just dreamed about my friend. One of my friend that I'm not so close with. Then I dreamed about him. Weird dream and friendly dream. Maybe that wass the sign of getting farther.

Then I dreamed about I don't know him but I'm familiar. Doing something... But nevermind. I forgot the face.

It's just. I've never dream something that makes me feel this deep for my entire life. Maybe yes got, then it happened. That what makes me feel uncomfortable.

Hopefully my friendship with all my friends will never end anyway. :/


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