Avicii!!! ◢◤

Hello there!!!
I'm so excited that Avicii is coming to Malaysia! I really really really love his songs and most EDM!

Image from Nuffnang.

Briefly, I want to join the PARTYYY! I just love all songs he made especially his latest song 'Wake Me Up' well that really makes me woooow with his combination genre of acoustic and edm with country vocals. Cool. I'm literally into his musics. All of his musics.
Nuffnang Malaysia organized 'We Love Asia Presents AVICII' contest is such a turn on for me to get the chance.

Now I'm giving 5 best reasons why you should choose me to party with Avicii @ Sepang International circuit:

  1. I'm a big fan of AVICII. He's also one of the person who gives me inspirations on making musics.
  2. Making musics is my passion. I would get more inspirations and another experiences for that.
  3. I really really love EDM!!!
  4. I will love it too if Chuckies and Whackboi are coming as the local DJ since they're also a student like me! I really would like to see them.
  5. If I got the chance to be this lucky winner, this will be my very first time going to party rockin' concert! That will be the most memorable thing in my life.
#Swag EDM Avicii. <3


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