Why so serious.

I hope the title attractive enough.
Hello there, how long had my blog sleep? That was just an unexpected nap! Hahaha.
That memorable reply makes me stucked of mind to update more. :3

Alright now, I'm talking about, maybe this week.
I was depress, stress, that's all. I have no idea why. Maybe because I'm handling this little projects - music and video on a time. I was making a song and a music video for the contests I've joined.
The problem is, there are many things that made me down and force me to give up. But who wants me to give up is the one who wants to die killed by me. I will never never never ever give up for something that I've done. I'm not genius but I'm not stupid also to easily give up. Unless you ask me to read a novel then I'll just read the title and give up on reading that. Depends on thing. Talking about books, my brother told me "Successful person is the one who always read books". How I wish my dreams are books then I'm going to be a successful person - Yes you know what I mean, I'm a dreamer.

Ohhh, this post gonna be too many relates. I'm a southpaw so I'll always use my right brain. That's why I love arts more than books - I hate arts it makes me headache. So books more.

I love counting, but I hate counting money. How come? I love money but I hate counting them.

*Back to the main topic

7th March 2013: The deadline of the song contest. Okayy I can accept that it was the last hours I sent. I'm not so happy with the song. I'm happy with the music but there's something wrong. Something that makes me forever curious.

After that, my mind set free for a while.
Note it's A WHILE.
4 days more for the deadline of the music video contest and I don't even finish the video yet.
Many things keep forcing me to stop. I feel so annoyed with those problems.

But the more I try to move on, the more I feel alone.
So I watch the summer stars to lead me home.
So I planned to make it by myself. That's great, brilliant idea. But at last I need a friend too. To make up the plan. Finally it works well. The main idea of the music video is out of sync from my 1st idea actually, but it's some kind of. So I think it's okayy.

On the deadline, 11 hours more before deadline, I was still dreaming. I don't understand myself.
I upload it, fail, upload it, fail, upload it, fail. IF IT TAKES 1 SECOND TO UPLOAD THAT WOULDN'T BOTHER ME. But this time, uploading 137MB is sweet enough to feel the hurt, broken, damaged heart of mine when it fails.

Just imagine, I upload them for about 3 hours for each time and those each time keep error. I think I've uploaded it maybe reach 10 times or more already. So how do you feel? I started upload since 11pm I guess until 6pm on the next day. Almost 24 hours. You don't know my story. There's no behind the scene of my story. Then don't treat me like noob or idiot - Why am I talking this HAHAHA.
Just express, don't think this is an easy job. Don't easily ask, mad, angry to me or anything. If I give you this job I think you don't have the effort to upload them just more than 5 times. That frustrating, sad, dissapointment, angry, mad are all you can feel.

This is it. One of the failure I captured. You see the bottom of the browser, it shows 99%. While in page still 34%.
It's an error. When I click submit, it will end up with the browser refreshed and you have to reupload it.

One of them too.

The web host asked me to reupload it again.
Because they saw my video was uploading.
He told me, don't stressed about the deadline, they can help me.
So I keep uploading uploading and keep error.
Few hours after deadline, I found out there's no more my project option in the list.
So I contact the host, I told them that there was still issue on my footage.
Finally they helped me. Really appreciate that.

That feeling that I always want to cry. But eventually...

Eventually, my wish come true. I wait for this moment so much until I can smoothly play the fingerstyle you know!

I'm just kidding, I mean not so smooth but in case better than before. Since while waiting for the upload, I play them, replay, play, replay keep on playing the same fingerstyle. But after fully uploaded, I was really really so grateful to Allah. That time, on my mind was just, I just hope it can fully uploaded, I don't mind it doesn't win because I can see there are 108 nominees to fight for. I'm just glad and happy that there will be Malaysian Muslims at least and I just don't want something I do worthless.

Finally I can see this page. :)

This story for me are so sad. HAHAHA. Yeah you don't understand but this might be one of the funniest memory in my life.

I post this blog post at midnight almost 2am because I'd just took my supper - white coffee that makes me insomniac and can think as people awake in the afternoon.

******************** UPDATED *******************

13TH MARCH 2013 (13/03/2013)
Nice number. Haha. I'm just updating that my video has just been approved. I'm sooo happy! What I strived works well. At least Owl City is going to watch the video. ><

One more thing, *special thing.
I'm the last nominee! You have no idea why am I so glad to tell that I'm the last nominee even on your mind the last is the worst. But you have to see this.

Which one is the 1st video? Top left. No way, that's the last upload.

Looks like the 1st right? Haha.

Okay. 115th. Odd number.


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