Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chelazion Surgery

16th of August 2012.
I bet I won't forget this date. Why not?
It was the moment when I was in a damn cold room. Where coldness, horrifyness, happiness and whatever kind badness to be precise.
Luckily I wasn't insane.
Actually, made this weird blogger (ME) wrote this is to inform that shw went to hospital for holding an operation.
Yeah I mean I've through it, not I operate people laa. Are you crazy? (no you aren't)
It's called 'Chelazion Surgery'...
For those who is going through it.
Don't worry. It's awesome. If the operation takes  a day, maybe I can sleep very well.

What else. No pain, just relaxaton. Haha!

I was even chatting with the nurse. ^^


The thing thhat  covered my eye
wwhile I havve to press my eye to give soome pressure to prevent bleeding

Maira Gall