Could it be worse?

When I try my best but I don't succeed.And the tears come streaming down my face.When I do something but it goes to waste.Could it be worse?
If I never try, I'll never knw.Just what I'm worth.
Tears stream down my face.I promise you I will learn from my mistake.Lights will guide me home, and ignites my bones, and you will try to

This is what I've posted in the group AVC. (my girls classmates)
I'm saying this from my deep heart. HAHAHA
Yeah, we've made a video, we I mean my classmates.
We'd asked by the teachers to made it.
But, REJECTED. Fine.
God bless.
I don't have much time to update too much.
Btw, last night I dreamed about <3
He dead. Yeah. He is BIGBANG - Dae. :D

I was something like "Huh?! He was just involved in an accident (last year he hit a man and the man dead). Now he's dead? I expected that."

Oh nooo. :X

Goodbye. That's all for this post. Gonna spam next time :D

Wanted by:
"Find her."
Oh My God.


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