my Teddy ^^"
Oh no!

I don't have much time to update my blog either any codings or posts...! No way!
And now, I'm gonna post a very long essay post here! And there you are, I forgot all of them...
My brain, stuck in the moment.... I've misplaced my eraser, and many more! =X *I'll buy it again*

The Past Tense:

2Weeks Ago; I caught for an ill =D My boyfriend so cares about me ^^"
NOTE: I 'm single.

Last Saturday, they (my friends) went to library... Don't know what made me doesn't join them. *


These days;
Oh yeah! Last week! I sat an exam.... NO3!
I'm sitting exams! I didn't count how much subjects I sit. = =
From last Thursday until.... Friday I guess?


My mummy gonna bring me to Tawau.... Let me study in any of school in Tawau... Hooray~! Leaving my gangs!


I've written the wrong information, actually I'm going to Tawau just to meet my grandfather for a while. Not gonna move ^^"

Wish time is fast, no, slow, so that I can balik kampung again and meet my beloved cousin, Eira... She's so cute :)


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