What I'd done recently?

no caption xD

Nothing! =X
I've finished
  • 30songs29people (3Hibiscus Video) [INTERESTING - RECOMMENDED!]
  • 3Hibiscus '10 batch's Site Updated!
  • My Blog Update [blogskin, style, domain etc.] Will Release Soon! =D
  • Other things about life....
And I'm going to modify the "30songs29people" video for a perfect members! Because we got 36members but I just put 29members... (I didn't get the picture of 7 more...)

Yeah most of them interested of it . Thanks !
sorry for those whom I didn't put in...

My updates I didn't post before were;
Actually it was 12minutes ago

Just 11 @@"
I need more than that =P

Anyways, guys this is the thumbnail (seen on laptop) of the video
proof of purchase xD
Why did I wrote "seen on laptop" ? Yeah! Good question, I posted this video in facebook, and I'm, the ADMIN, can edit the thumbnail of the video. Facebook gives me 10 thumbnails for this video. There are,

MY FACE, MY FACE, MY FACE, MY FACE, MY FACE, MY FACE until 10 and that is it!

[Briefly, all the thumbnails are my face!]


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