Wednesday, October 13, 2010


by Carla
Finally, my blog update since my business over... ==" So many story I haven't post yet... So in this post, I want release it although some of them I may forgot xDDD

Oct 5th-12th:

Oct 9th:
Saturday - Sick

Oct 10th:
Sunday - Still sick - I guess worst

Oct 11th:
Monday - PMR - Math and KH
I was still sick.... I felt like want to die already =="

Oct 12th:
Tuesday - Some of them are already finish exam...
But me and some of my friends are still exam because we are taking Arabic Language...
And 1 candidate take Chinese lang and 1 more Iban lang...

After PMR ends at 10:30am, I then back home...
Time to burst the computer..... Suddenly my PC spoilt... 3:(
Use laptop... I just want to try Dreamweaver... At laptop dun hav
Maira Gall