Garena Free 3 months gold membership for you!

Event Intro:

Post Garena Dark Orbit promotion thread in other places, you will be awarded because of your efforts!
The places can be your favourite forums, website, blogs, any place you can post the promotion articles!

Event duration: 18th January - 31 January

Event Information:

Step I

You can download the code here:

And post in any other website and forum, except Garena websites and forums

Step II

Fill in the following application in this thread:

Garena Username:
Garena UID:
Link to your Thread:

please list all the links of your threads, that will decide if you will get the prize or not


Event Prize

The top 5 users who post the most websites and threads will get
3 months gold membership!

Try to post it as many websites as you can!


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