Study + Love

Are you still studying?

It is very normal for somebody in high school to be in a relationship. But ask yourself HONESTLY, will you be with him/her for more than 3 YEARS? Answers are usually yes when you're deeply and madly in love with them, but later on you will think NO. One in thousands will have a relationship last from teen hood to adulthood. And what is the advantage you gain from being in a relationship this young? it's puppy love, admit it. Your parents are the one treating your girlfriends when you need to treat her for almost everything ( for guys that is ). As a Malaysian guy, if you don't treat your girlfriend and end up dutching everything with her, her parents might think that you're a loser. So the best is, not being in a relationship before you work ( even part-time counts ) and CONCENTRATE on your studies, but if you think being in a relationship helps you more in studying, go ahead. =). People usually have different personalities when they're a teenager and when they're an adult. So it's more safe to get to know the person FULLY before you get into a relationship with him/her.


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